Киевский Клуб Спортивного Бриджа

Бридж – это либо страшная болезнь, либо ... вирус, заброшенный к нам на Землю инопланетным разумом, с помощью которого они нас изучают ...
П. Портной, Н. Женова
Dear Mr Rovyshin
     I refer to your email of 27th February (which did not reach me since you used an old email address).
     The WBF has published a strong statement of condemnation of the Russian aggression. The EBL has done the same, and offered support, in a letter to the Ukrainian Bridge Federation. Both organisations have decided to follow the IOC instructions as well as the actions of many other sports federations, i.e.:
     - Not to hold any events in Russia or Belarus
     - Not to penalise individual players (most of whom deplore the actions of Putin) but let them participate in an individual capacity
     - Not to display the Russian or Belarus flags
     - Not to play the national anthems of those countries.
     As to the matter of excluding the Russian and Belarussian federations from the EBL and WBF, this can only be done by a General Assembly. Whatever we do we realise, as presumably you do too, that it is largely symbolic and will not stop this atrocious and unprovoked invasion of sovereign Ukrainian territory. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainian people who, by all accounts we have seen, are fighting bravely from street to street and house to house to defend their freedom.
Best regards
Jan Kamras
EBL President