Киевский Клуб Спортивного Бриджа

Бридж – это либо страшная болезнь, либо ... вирус, заброшенный к нам на Землю инопланетным разумом, с помощью которого они нас изучают ...
П. Портной, Н. Женова
Dear Mr.Kamras!
     Thank you for your e-mail - well received and duly noted!
     I've been working for more than 20 years to promote Bridge in Ukraine, as it is a part of my life and I was proud to become a member of the World Bridge Community! Unfortunately, I have to confess, that nowadays Governance of the European Bridge is absolutely indifferent to the situation that takes place in the World.
     Do you really think that procedure of suspension by the General Assembly is more important than thousands of civils killed in Ukraine by the herd of orcs!?
- putin: "borders of russia ends where the last russian lives! we'll always protect them"
Aren't you, Civilized World, afraid to give permission to enter them your countries??? Your reaction can bring to the war all over the World! Please do not repeat mistake of the well-fed Europe in 1938!
     Ms.Dikhnova was annoyed by my request to suspend membership of the terroristic organization No.1:"I worked really hard for 3 years to create youth bridge in Russia. I could say – now it’s a success. And 24 kids are dreaming to go and play European. I have one question to you – is it really worth it – to take away their dream? Just because you are applying collective blame principle?"
     I should say...today Ukrainian children dream to wake up alive tomorrow morning!
Europe, please, wake up! Otherwise tomorrow you will feel guilty in front of the future generations!
Thank you for understanding!
Kind regards
Oleg Rovyshyn
Former Vice-President
UkrainianBridge Federation